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Latest Projects

Feasibility Studies

We can assist you when determining how to purchase a property or proceed with a project. The feasibility assists in completing your project to your overall expectations. We do this by providing zoning analysis, code analysis, site analysis, determination of consultants needed, possible envelope and/or design studies, probably construction costs, timeline for services, permitting, construction, coordination, and selection of construction teams.


Site Design

We can assist with determining the highest and best use for a particular piece of property, whether it is a single family detached home, a remodel, landscape renovation, or a new subdivision. We do this by best understanding the zoning requirements and determining the highest and best outcome for the property weighing in your criteria.


Building Design

We provide building design from remodels and additions to new custom homes. Our services range from small projects to extensive estates. Our goal from a design standpoint is to meet your needs utilizing a process we have developed to assist you in making decisions in all of the parts and pieces for your project.


Construction Documentation

We have a philosophy for producing clear documentation. We provide quality designs, graphically consistent and technically competent architectural plans. All of our drawings are produced in the same manner, which provides familiarity with all of our clients who use them.


Value Engineering

We understand that money does not grow on trees, and that every penny towards a project counts. We always look at the best way to do something for the least cost, and value engineer every component.


Coordination with Consultants

Our job as architects is to ensure that all of the consultants needed for particular projects are coordinated.


Permitting and Jurisdictional Coordination

We have a great reputation within all of the jurisdictions in which we work. We have great relationships with the staffs involved, and work tirelessly to negotiate building permits as expeditiously as possible. This saves money and time for all involved.


Assistance during Construction

Our philosophy is basically we are as close as the phone. We believe if you hire competent construction personnel to do your project, you don't need to pay us to micromanage them. However, we are always available and more than willing to assist in coordinating modifications or changes that occur during construction, and deal with construction issues as they arise.



There is no denying the fact that home remodeling can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. We, Kappler Architects, provide distinctive home planning services to give your home a complete new appearance. We make home floor plans that comprehensively meet your home remodeling needs.


What We Offer

  • Architecture Services for Residential and Commercial Projects Open or Close

    Architectural Innovations, P.S. is an architecture firm with a long history of providing high-quality, innovative and value engineered architecture design solutions. Our substantial experience makes us one of the best choices when you need an architecture firm for your design project.

    Whether a NEW HOME or REMODEL, we’re proud to have earned a reputation of delivering great services and quality results for any design project.

    We are a full service, licensed architecture firm and we offer our customers a wide range of architecture services.

  • Architecture Design for New Homes and Remodels Open or Close

    Our customers can take advantage of our quality architecture design services for new homes and home remodels. With our award winning architecture design services, we have become a nationally recognized architecture firm. We have an experienced and skill architecture design team, so when you hire us you know that you'll get professional and dedicated support for your project.

    Our architecture design services offer you:

    • Custom architecture design services for your home
    • Architecture design for remodels
    • A huge library of stock home plans
  • Why Choose Us as Your Architecture Firm? Open or Close

    ALooking for an architecture firm can be a difficult and time consuming process because there are so many choices in the market today. So why choose us as your architecture firm?

    We pride ourselves on putting customer satisfaction first. Our architectural firm has a highly-skilled and experiences team that can provide you with high-quality design services using all the latest technology. Even better, our services are great value, so you'll get the quality you need without having to stretch your budget.

    When you choose us as your architecture firm, we make sure that your project is finished on time and in budget. Come to us for these great services:

    • Digital plans
    • Comprehensive site plans
    • Construction coordination
    • Permit coordination

    At Architectural Innovations P.S., our main aim as an architecture firm is not only to design buildings and structures that are stable and long-lasting, but also to make sure that you're always completely satisfied with our services. When you need an architecture firm for your design project, some to us and let us help you with our award winning architecture design services. We are the right architectural firm for your project!